MySpace Sold to Ad Network for $35 Million

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We'll start with the most familiar one: computer chips. Moore's Law continues with full force, with the result that for many applications the necessary processing power is now radically

cheap, on the order of pennies. Microprocessors can get built into just about anything with almost negligible cost. And it's not just about "computing" capability. Cheap microprocessors are improving the experiences of everything from appliances to car dashboards.

When combined with cheap, plentiful bandwidth, you don't even need to embed the processor into the device. You can "outsource" the computing to servers in the cloud. Those computers can be far more powerful than what you can stuff into a small cheap portable device. Google is pushing this approach to the maximum with its Chromebooks, laptops that have just screens and wireless broadband, relying entirely on cloud processing for functionality. While not fully practical today, they point to a possible future scenario of all computing happening "off device."


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Many folks involved in social media are so ADD driven to the latest social network, they fail to fully explore and make use of the networks that they are already part of.



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